Calculation of wind energy and wind turbine efficiency

wind turbine efficiency diagram

The function of the wind turbine is to extract energy from the wind. The wind is flowing air, which has speed and therefore kinetic energy. When the wind flows through the wind turbine blades, part of the kinetic energy is transferred to the wind turbine to make it rotate. The wind turbine gains energy, and the wind loses energy, so the wind speed after flowing through the wind turbine will slow down. This article explains the calculation methods of wind energy and wind turbine power and efficiency, and provides a video to make it easier to understand.

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Comparison of the efficiency of various wind turbines – horizontal/vertical axis


This article introduces the efficiency comparison of various wind turbines, including common vertical axis wind turbines(Savonius and Darrieus) and typical three-blade horizontal axis wind turbines. Among them, the Savonius turbine is a drag type wind turbines, and the Darrieus wind turbine and the three-blade horizontal axis wind turbine are both lift-type. The efficiency comparison chart of various wind turbines and related videos are shown below. If you want to understand what the Savonius and the Darrieus wind turbines are, please refer to => Basic principles and types of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines.

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