Delta A2 Servo Quick Start and FAQ

This article contains frequently asked questions and alarms for the Delta ASD-A2 servo system for readers’ reference:

Q1,AL.13/AL.14/AL.15 is displayed on power-up, how to deal with it?

A => For safety reasons, the default functions of the servo DI 6/7/8 are reverse limit/forward limit/emergency stop, and are all B (normally closed) contacts, so when there is no limit switch connected, The above alarm will occur when power is applied. If the motor (not the linear motor) is not connected to the mechanism, the user only wants to test it. You can temporarily remove these protection functions by setting the hundred digits of P2-15, P2-16, and P2-17 from 0 to 1. , change to A (normally open) contact; or directly set all three parameters to 0, which means to turn off these protection functions ! Users should take extra care when testing and fix the motor firmly for safety !

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