What is smart servo ?

The definition of  smart servo on this site must include the following functions :

definition of intelligent servo control system

  1. Motor Drive (Drive): Traditional servo drive features focus on high response and stability and are easy to use.
  2. Motion Control (Motion): Command planning, such as point-to-point, line/circular interpolation or e-cam, PID …
  3. Development Environment(Platform): Programmable to flexibly use the above functions to meet the ever-changing application

In short, smart servo is a traditional (pure) servo drive that contains a motion controller. The motion functions provided can be complex or just simple point-to-point commands. The way of  programming can use instructions, or other simpler editing methods.

The advantages of smart servo :

As the computing power of the DSP becomes more and more powerful, it is easier to build a motion controller in the drive.  It can provide not only simple motion functions but also the function of high-end motion controllers. In addition, because the motion controller and servo drive are integrated in one system, the transmission delay and bandwidth limitation of the communication network disappear ! Therefore, the architectural advantages of intelligent servo are more significant, as listed below :

  • Good Real-time performance : No communication delay, no bandwidth limit
  • Resource integration : multi-axis information exchange is easy
  • Scalable : system performance is not affected by increased number of axes
  • Flexibility : can be customized according to different needs
  • Others : Cost savings, anti-noise interference, simplified wiring

Suitable for smart servo usage :

  • High Real-time requirements, such as PID applications
  • Low number of axes but high-end motion functions are required. It is too expensive to use the motion controller.
  • Customized requirements or system upgrades, existing controllers have been unable to modify.
  • Large noise, serious interference occasions
  • Limited installation space



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