What is smart servo ?

Smart servo definition

The definition of  smart servo on this site must include the following functions :
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Electronic Gear Ratio (on-line) Calculator – Ball Screw

Screw mechanism

This article provides an online calculator for common screw mechanisms to quickly find the servo’s electronic gear ratio and provide additional simulation information to evaluate whether the system parameters meet the requirements. The steps are as follows:

  1. Enter User Unit(PUU) : ie, How many PUUs represent 1 mm.
  2. Enter the machine’s Reduction ratio (1:1 without deceleration)
  3. Enter the Pitch of the screw (the machine displacement while screw rotates 1 turn)
  4. Enter Encoder Resolution(PLS), PLS number per turn of the Encoder,ie,when the electronic gear ratio is 1:1, how many PUUs the servo has to receive in order to rotate 1 turn.
  5. Press the “Calculate” button to get the numerator and denominator of the E-Gear Ratio.
  6. Enter the Line Speed of the machine to check if the simulation results meet the requirements ?

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