AL.099 DSP Firmware Upgrade – Delta servo troubleshooting

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Name Description ALM WRN SRV ON Clear


DSP Firmware Upgrade

EEPROM has not been reset after DSP firmware is upgraded.    No Firstly set P2-08 to 30 ,then set it to 28. And the alarm will be cleared after power cycling.

Causes Checking Method Actions
Upgrade DSP firmware Check if the firmware is upgraded Firstly set P2-08 to 30. Then set P2-08 to 28, the alarm will be cleared when cycling power on.

(The above information is referenced from Delta Electronics IMSBU)

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Other reasons Checking Method Actions
After inputting P2-08 = 30,28 AL.017 may be generated when the power is turned on again! (Archer) Panel display AL.017 After setting P2-08 = 10, power on again!

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