AL.180 Heartbeat or NodeGuarding error – Delta servo troubleshooting

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Name Description ALM WRN SRV ON Clear


Heartbeat or

Heartbeat or
NodeGuarding error

NMT:Reset node/

0x6040.Fault Reset

Causes Checking Method Actions
CANopen communication breaks Check if CANopen communication and connection is normal.

NMT:Reset node or

0x6040.Fault Reset


(The above information is referenced from Delta Electronics IMSBU)

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Other reasons Checking Method Actions

Bad communication quality ?


  1. Is the original isolation line used?
  2. Is the terminating resistor connected?
  1. It is recommended to use the original shielded communication cable to avoid noise interference!
  2. Connect terminal resistors to improve communication quality
  3. Note: Delta’s CAN and DMCNET’s terminal resistance is different, please choose correctly!

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