AL.500 STO Function Enable – Delta servo troubleshooting

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Name Description ALM WRN SRV ON Clear


STO Enabled

Safe torque off function (STO) is enabled   NO DI.ARST

Causes Checking Method Actions
Safe torque off function (STO) is enabled. Safe torque off function (STO) is enabled. Check why it is enabled
  1. Reset by using DI.ARST (Alarm reset),0x6040 fault reset, or setting P0.001 to 0.
  2. If not using the STO function, plug the short circuit terminal into CN10 or wire to short-circuit the block. Follow the instructions in Section 3.10.5 for the STO wiring.

(The above information is referenced from Delta Electronics IMSBU)

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Other reasons Checking Method Actions

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