AL.005 Regeneration Error – Delta servo troubleshooting

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Name Description ALM WRN SRV ON Clear


Regeneration Error

Regeneration control is in error   NO DI.ARST

Causes Checking Method Actions
The regenerative resistor is unconnected or too low Check the connection of regenerative resistor Reconnect the regenerative resistor or calculate the value of the regenerative resistor
Parameter P1-53 is not set to zero when the regenerative resistor is not in use Check if parameter P1-53 of regenerative resister is set to zero Set parameter P1-53 of regenerative resistor to zero when it is not applying
Wrong parameter setting Check the setting value of parameter P1-52 and P1-53 Correctly reset the setting

(The above information is referenced from Delta Electronics IMSBU)

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Other reasons Checking Method Actions

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