Delta A3 Servo (official) training document

This article contains the official education training file link of Delta A3 Servo. The topics include: A3 function introduction, adjustment method, motion function, electronic cam, PR (four arithmetic)…etc., interested readers can download and use directly!

Download link => DropBox


  • Introduction to ASDA-A3_EN:A3 Performance & Features Enhancements and Innovation
  • Introduction of Training Kit_EN:Introduction to using the demo kit
  • Four_Fundamental_Operations_EN:PR mode (four arithmetic) documentation
  • A3_Motion function Tutorial_EN:Motion control (PR) function
  • A3 Servo Tuning_Suppression_EN:Tuning methods and use of tools
  • A3 Servo E-Cam Function_EN:Electronic cam functions

* If you need Chinese version of the files, please click on the “中文” at the top right of the screen !

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