AL.068 Absolute data transmitted via I/O is error – Delta servo troubleshooting

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Name Description ALM WRN SRV ON Clear


data transmitted via I/O error

The sequence is wrong when reading the absolute position via DIO.   Yes after power cycling

Causes Checking Method Actions
Sequence error
  1. Switch OFF DI ABSQ until DO ABSR is OFF.
  2. Switch ON ABSQ until DO ABSR is ON.
Correct the reading sequence of I/O.
Reading time out Check if the time between switching ON DO ABSR and switching ON ABSQ exceeds
200 ms.
After switching ON DO ABSR (the absolute position data is ready), read DO ABSD and switch ON DI ABSQ within 200 ms so as to
inform the servo drive data reading is completed.

(The above information is referenced from Delta Electronics IMSBU)

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Other reasons Checking Method Actions

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